Tres Casitas on 24th

Retreat to a Desert Oasis in the Heart of Phoenix!

Casitas is made up of 3 small homes that share a common courtyard. The entire property has been newly renovated, including all new appliances, trim, and interior design of each Casita. Through thoughtful planning and impeccable execution, Tres Casitas combines modern elegance with rustic southwestern architecture to provide a private paradise hidden in plain sight, right in the heart of downtown Phoenix. So kick back and relax... you can think about your worries mañana!

Mi Casa es su Casa!

Cute, comfortable, and contemporary interior design

Inviting and Stylish

We commissioned Piece by Peace Design, a local interior design firm, to create a space that is inviting and stylish, while also being welcoming and comfortable. Piece by Peace is known for creating stunning rooms that flow with balance and harmony and are unique to fit each individual space and style.

Thoughtfully Executed

Guests of Tres Casitas will experience thoughtfully executed southwestern design elements that give each casita its own unique feel. However, guests fortunate enough to visit each of our casitas will appreciate the design elements that we’ve carried throughout each home.

Warm and Comforting

A feeling of warmth and comfort in every aspect – from the plush blankets you can use when you enjoy a margarita on the patio, down to the sheets you sleep on at night – is what we strive for.

Fun and Functional Exterior Design!

Perfect for groups of all sizes!

We welcome potential guests to book one or any combination of Casitas to fit your needs.

The Land of Mañana!

Our shared outdoor amenities are available to all guests, making it easy for groups of any size to enjoy our patio!

Outdoor amenities include:

➢ Miniature golf

➢ Hot tub

➢ BBQ Grill

➢ Fire pit

➢ Bicycles (available upon request)

➢ Fun times for all!